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My name is Matthew Spangler. I teach people how to become masterful and self sufficient in their own daily meditation practice. In-person instruction from a qualified teacher has proven to deliver the most beneficial and sustainable results. To get started, register for a free Introductory Session to the right.

Vedic Meditation is a simple, effortless mental technique designed to deeply rest the body and naturally expand the conscious mind. For about 20 minutes twice each day, practitioners sit comfortably with their eyes closed and back supported. No complex yoga positions are required and nothing is spoken aloud. To the outside observer, it appears rather ordinary. To the meditator, something unique is happening within…

Why Practice Vedic Meditation?

For millennia, man has been searching for a sustainable sense of fulfillment in places it simply does not exist: outside of one’s own Self.  Fulfillment is not achieved or acquired.  The cosmic joke in the world today — Fulfillment is incredibly busy seeking out Itself.  The reality:  Fulfillment Is our very Being– the basis of what we already are.  We will never find the answer, because we are the answer.  Meditation is the means by which we are able to access that Self-realization.    It is our birthright to enjoy the best that life has to offer.  Vedic Meditation allows the practitioner to effortlessly dive within — providing twice daily exposure to what we already are and all that we really deserve.


  • Access Unconditional Happiness Within
  • Release Accumulated Stress
  • Cultivate Mind-Body Harmony
  • Let Go of Control & Rigid Attachment
  • Restore Balance to the Nervous System
  • Improve Hearing & Vision
  • Create What you Deserve
  • Bring Awareness to the Causes of Personal Suffering
  • Normalize Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • Sleep With Ease
  • Access Your Best Self on a Daily Basis

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