Tip of the IcebergVedic Meditation is a simple, natural meditation technique designed to deeply rest the body and effortlessly expand the conscious mind.  The purity of the teaching of this technique has been maintained through an unbroken master-disciple lineage dating back some 5,000 years.  It is one intended for ‘householders’ — those of us who are actively engaged in the world, enjoying possessions and social relationships.  Vedic Meditation involves sitting comfortably for about 20 minutes with the eyes closed, both morning and evening.  During that time, the mind is naturally led within and allowed to de-excite, creating a unique state of restful alertness.

Other meditation techniques involve some form of concentration, contemplation, or visualization, in an effort to manipulate the mind.  Vedic Meditation is ground-breaking in its approach to coincide with the natural tendencies of the mind and body.

This tool for personal development serves as a wonderful addition to any current lifestyle or belief system. At The Meditation Effect, we are not asking you to believe anything, we are asking you to judge an experience.  Over 600 published scientific studies have validated the experience of millions from all walks of life, from every corner of the earth.  We have yet to find the exception.