Meditation Classes in Los Angeles, CA

Since the beginning, humans have been seeking a sustainable sense of Fulfillment. It’s in the fabric of our very Nature. We desire to be Fulfilled, Content, Whole. The human mind wants to experience happiness, in a way that lasts. It’s become commonplace for us modern humans to seek the inner experience of Fulfillment through external means. Money, relationships, and status form the top of the conventional list. Most of us find ourselves battling a busy mind while we survive our busy lives. The mantras of our fast-paced culture are next and more. Isn’t it time we Slow Down and experience life, ourselves, and each other, in a new way? Meditation Classes offer us an anecdote to this conditioning. They give us the tools to effectively slow down and connect with ourselves on a profound level. Regular contact with this deeper aspect of the Self heals our body, expands our mind, and fulfills our Soul. All action in the world stems from our sacred relationship within. Matthew Spangler offers Meditation Classes in Los Angeles, CA. Virtual Sessions are available Worldwide. Namastè

Meditation Classes w/ Matthew

If you live in Los Angeles, CA, I highly recommend our Vedic Meditation Classes. Among all the techniques I practice and teach, this continues to be my anchor and guiding Light. Its compounding benefits are remarkable when practiced consistently. Correct practice is based in empowered surrender; Letting go of force, letting go of control, and settling down within. Through effortlessness, the technique unfolds. Never have I received so much, from something so naturally easy and simple.

As with any new skill, there is a process of instruction. Our Vedic Meditation Classes will provide you with a comprehensive learning experience, personal guidance, and ongoing support. The intimacy of in-person instruction creates a rich experience for both teacher and student. This course is designed to teach you self-sufficiency. By its completion you will have both the direct experience and understanding to practice consistently on your own. Completion of the course is just the beginning. Now you get to integrate your new technique into your life on a daily basis and reap the benefits.

The first step is to schedule an Introductory Talk. This gives us an opportunity to connect and make sure we’re both aligned with working together. This also gives me a chance to share the technique, its origins and benefits, as well as the process of instruction. We will arrange our course schedule during this introductory session. The intro session can be live or via Zoom. Book your Free Session here (link)

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area and would like to learn Vedic Meditation, let’s research and see if any Vedic Meditation teachers live near you. We are all over the world, not just in Los Angeles, CA.

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area and would still like Meditation instruction, book an introductory session with me via Zoom. I will offer you Meditation classes and Breathwork techniques that will powerfully support you and your Vision. While I do recommend in-person instruction, a lot of benefit can be experienced virtually if you’re Present and invested in the process.

Client Testimonial

Fulfillment is Within

The Vedas, and many of the world’s spiritual traditions, teach us that Fulfillment is actually a state of consciousness. It is an experience available to those in a particular mind/body state, rather than an environmental condition. Fulfillment cannot be achieved or acquired, for it is already You, in your natural state of awakening. The cosmic joke in the world today? Fulfillment is incredibly busy seeking out Itself. The reality: Fulfillment Is our very Being – the basis of what we already are.

Meditation Classes offer powerful tools to support us in this Self-Realization. It is a practice that acts as a bridge between our individuality and our universality; Like a wave connecting to itself as the Ocean. The wave has always been the ocean, it just wasn’t aware of its status yet.

What Is Meditation?

Meditative practices come in many shapes and sizes. Consequently, its definition is subjective. For most practices, meditation involves consciously directing our attention in a particular way. Common objects of attention include the breath, the body, a mantra, visualizations, or something in the external world. Focus is a core element of many practices. In Vedic Meditation, focusing actually becomes an obstacle to the effectiveness of the practice. Different practices offer different approaches.

Meditation Classes, on a global scale, have existed amongst human cultures for millennia. Within the last few decades, we have gained the technology to objectively measure the effects of Meditation. For the first time in history, the scientific community is able to verify and validate the subjective experience of the meditating human. We knew the consistent meditator reported heightened clarity of mind. Now we can see how brainwaves work in enhanced synchrony during and after meditation. We knew the consistent meditator reported feeling less stressed, with decreased anxiety. Now we can observe the cortisol levels drop in his/her blood during and after Meditation. Meditation is an ancient practice finding powerful modern relevance as its benefits become progressively recognized by the scientific community

Vedic Meditation Classes

Vedic Meditation Classes are my specialty. This is a simple, effortless mental technique designed to deeply rest your body and naturally expand your conscious mind. For about 20 minutes twice each day, practitioners sit comfortably with their eyes closed and back supported. No complex yoga positions are required and nothing is spoken aloud. To the outside observer, it appears rather ordinary. To the meditator, something unique is happening within…

The purity of the teaching of this technique has been maintained through an unbroken master-disciple lineage dating back some 5,000 years. It is one intended for ‘householders’ — those of us who are actively engaged in the world, enjoying possessions and social relationships. Vedic Meditation involves sitting comfortably for about 20 minutes with the eyes closed, both morning and evening. During that time, the mind is naturally led within, towards greater levels of de-excitation (the opposite of excitation); Like a wave settling down onto its Oceanic base. The vehicle for this process is the proper use of a bija mantra, given to the student by the instructor. Bija means ‘seed’ in Sanskrit. Namely, the function of the mantra is to draw the conscious mind from the surface layers of normal thinking, down into the depths, where seeds live. This practice creates a unique state of restful alertness. The body is resting deeply, while the mind expands its capacity for consciousness. With consistent meditation practice, these new mind-body states become integrated into our ‘eyes-open’ moments: outside of meditation.

Other meditation techniques involve some form of concentration, contemplation, or visualization, in an effort to manipulate the mind. Vedic Meditation is ground-breaking in its approach to coincide with the natural tendencies of the mind and body. I fell in love with this meditation method due to ease of practice, combined with an exponential payoff. Come see for yourself. Direct experience is the best teacher and guide. If you live in Los Angeles, CA, in-person sessions are available. If you’re located elsewhere, let’s arrange a virtual meeting!

Mantra Meditation

Man = Mind, Tra = Vehicle. A mantra, simply put, is a mind vehicle. It’s an instrument designed to move the mind in a particular way. In Vedic Meditation, we use a specific and particular type of mantra. It is called a bija mantra, which means seed. It is inherently meaningless but has a particular function when used correctly. There are thousands of mantras and many different types of techniques that will use a mantra as the primary object of attention during practice. Some mantras are meaning-laden, some simply work on the level of vibratory quality. Some are spoken aloud, chanted or sung. Others are thought silently. Some are repetitious and some are delivered in sequence. There are thousands of mantras in the Vedic tradition. They are organized by function and methodology. If you live in Los Angeles, CA, you will receive your mantra in person on Day 1 of your Vedic Meditation Course. If you live elsewhere, you will receive an appropriate mantra virtually, according to the unique needs of your Path. Namastè

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation comes from the same Tradition as Vedic Meditation. I am an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation and not legally or professionally associated with the Transcendental Meditation organization. The TM Organization is a worldwide presence, including offices in Los Angeles, CA. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded this movement, bringing the house-holder technique of Vedic Meditation from the East, for all to enjoy in the West.

Visualization Meditation

Some Meditation techniques are designed to actively use the mind, to stimulate our imagination. We can use the power of our minds to reflect on our lives, to envision our desired future, to contemplate on a feeling or quality, or to connect to the vision of our higher self. The human imagination is strong and we get to utilize that with this approach.

Benefits of Meditation

– Access Unconditional Happiness Within
– Release Accumulated Stress
– Cultivate Mind-Body Harmony
– Let Go of Control & Rigid Attachment
– Restore Balance to the Nervous System
– Improve Hearing & Vision
– Create What you Deserve
– Bring Awareness to the Causes of Personal Suffering
– Normalize Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
– Sleep With Ease
– Access Your Best Self on a Daily Basis

Online Meditation Classes

Online resources are widely available. I do highly recommend in-person Meditation Classes so you can receive the quality guidance you deserve. If you live outside of Los Angeles, CA., I offer you live, online instruction. Even though we’re physically apart, this live dynamic creates a rich experience of energy exchange between teacher and student. Guided Meditations are also an option and can be a beautiful addition to your Spiritual Journey. Obviously, a recording is mechanical and rigid relative to human interaction. Nonetheless, take advantage of your resources and find what’s best suits you!

Stress Release

Nightly sleep addresses the relatively superficial layers of stress. If we want deep and profound stress release, we need deep and profound rest. Scientific data shows us that while practicing Vedic meditation, our metabolic rate slows 2x-5x compared to our sleep state. Meditation offers profound stress relief from the body and cultivates orderliness in the nervous system.

Unaddressed stress sticks around. It starts to accumulate only to eventually rear its ugly head. Stress that builds in the body, unaddressed, eventually expresses itself. Bad behavior, poor health, and toxic interactions are some of the more common symptoms. Meditation is the art and science of mindfully slowing down. In our modern flurry of rush and distraction, we’ve become disconnected from ourselves and each other. Meditation is a powerful tool to establish a deeper connection with ourselves, and therefore each other.

Identity Shift

Personal identity is at the heart of this. We tend to identify ourselves by culturally-informed, relative characteristics. My name, what my body looks like, my job, how much money I have, my past, my thought patterns, my emotional history, the opinions of others.

These elements deliver to the ego, its fragile, ever-changing identity. There is nothing wrong with these common identification points, but they don’t encapsulate the breadth and depth of what we are. Meditation is our bridge, our gateway, from the superficial into the substantial. After you’ve taken meditation classes and have begun to practice, you’ll start to build a relationship with a deeper aspect of yourself right away.

Personal Vacation

When you take Meditation Classes with me, you learn a technique for going on a personal vacation. This is high-quality YOU time. This is not escapism. Rather, it’s a full embrace of the here and now. You don’t have to travel very far. In fact, it’s closer than your next breath. The destination of your Vacation? Within.

In this space, you learn how to let the world go and powerfully reconnect with yourself. But hey, we aren’t learning meditation for meditation’s sake. We want the benefits of meditation to be practical and applicable in our personal lives. How is meditation showing up in your relationships? With your health? How do you feel in your body? The goals and standards you set for yourself? Your self-esteem? The benefits of our internal experience become the clarity, the wholeness, the firepower, for how we show up in the world. Even though it’s taking time out, it’s directly in service of how you take time in!


The relationships in your life don’t determine who you are, they reflect who/what you’re being. Whatever is going on inside of you, THAT is what you bring to the table. I’m talkin’ the full spectrum. When both parties in a relationship are meditating, that can be a powerful platform for mutual evolution. Especially when both parties align on that intention. Since Meditation supports and enlivens the evolution of the individual, it has this same effect on relationships. Relationships are pairings/collections of individuals. As my Meditation Teacher was fond of saying, “If you want a green forest, you need green trees!”

Because of Meditation’s profound capacity to release stress, each party in the relationship is bringing a better and better version of themselves to the table. Stress causes us to be selfish, not listen, not empathize, miscommunicate, exaggerate, blame, and condemn. When you have a tool to release your internal crap, the better versions of yourself shine forth, uninhibited.

Perhaps you’re single or don’t have a meditating partner! That’s totally cool. You still get to bring all the benefits of your personal practice into the relationships in your life. You can only ‘give’ from the quality of your current state. As you keep raising and clarifying your state of consciousness, your relationships will be a beautiful reflection of that evolution.

How To Meditate

Just like our education system, there are many tiers of meditation instruction. I could write some text for you to read, as a form of instruction. You could go on YouTube and get guidance. You could try a multitude of approaches on your own. In 11 years of teaching, and in coming in contact with thousands of meditators, I have found that in-person instruction from an expert teacher, delivers the most effective and sustainable results. Ultimately, you get to investigate which approach and what practice is right for you. I teach the practice that I Love. Never have I encountered something so effortless, with such a profound payoff. I have found the whole process, from the technique itself, to the course experience, to the follow-up program, to our community, to be unparalleled. Think of it this way: What you are receiving from the learning process, is reflected in what you give for it. Some approaches to learning meditation may be less convenient but have a bigger long-term payoff. Find a worthy practice, teacher, and process, for you. If you live in Los Angeles, CA, let’s get started! If you live elsewhere, let’s arrange a virtual appointment and we’ll find the best path for you, together. Namasté

Meditation for Anxiety

I found meditation in the wake of a 2004 panic attack that rocked my boat. Anxiety became an all-pervading reality that flooded my life. About two weeks after that panic attack, my friend innocently invited me to attend an introductory lecture on Meditation. It was there that I realized the grace of the opportunity. I decided to take the course, and for the first time since my traumatic experience, I felt some relief from my internal agony. My anxiety did not vanish, but I now had a tool to counteract the new state I found myself in. As I continued to practice, my anxiety loosened its grip, and a new version of ME began to emerge. My panic attack broke me down. Meditation became the foundation for my ability to build a new Life.

Meditation for Sleep

When we are stressed out, sleeping well can become a challenge. Both science and direct experience point to the intimate relationship between mind and body. When a body is stressed, it stimulates the mind into activity. The two are perpetually reflecting each other and create a biofeedback loop. The stressed body leads to an active mind, that active mind generates a stressed body, the cycle continues. Meditation creates an interruption to this stress cycle. It creates an outlet for our gunk, progressively allowing the mind to settle. This occurs during meditation, and with practice, begins to integrate into our ‘non-meditation’ moments. Sleeplessness occurs when we have not addressed this overload of energy, sitting in our system. High-quality rest (Meditation) and dynamic action throughout your day are the perfect combo attack for poor sleep.

Meditation Classes Near You

This tool for personal development serves as a wonderful addition to any current lifestyle or belief system. At The Meditation Effect, we are not asking you to believe anything, we are asking you to judge an experience. Thousands of published, scientific studies on meditation and mindfulness, have validated the experience of millions from all walks of life.

I teach Vedic Meditation Classes in Los Angeles, CA. This process of instruction is in-person, taught over the course of a few days, about 90 minutes each day. Upon completion, you will have the tools and knowledge to successfully and consistently practice on your own. We teach self-sufficiency, not dependency. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, contact me and we will arrange a virtual meeting to discuss a solution. I will either connect you with a local teacher, or we will work together virtually! Namastè

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is when the practitioner uses a guide to facilitate his/her meditation experience. This often comes in the form of a voice the practitioner listens to. Music, gongs, and singing bowls are also guiding tools. There is something unique, and perhaps magical, about being led on a journey. I have recorded a number of Guided Meditations that can be experienced here:

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Now is the time. Now is your point of power. I invite you: Come and work with me! You don’t have to have the next step figured out, you just need to take it! I am here to Serve and Support you, unconditionally. Let’s Connect and Explore the best next step for you, on your journey. Trust Yourself, above all else <3