Step 1: Introduction to Meditation

  • Pre-Requisite for Course Registration
  • 60-90 minutes

A wonderful opportunity to address our preconceived notions about meditation. To attend an Introductory Talk is to give oneself the possibility of adopting a practice that will absolutely enrich every aspect of our daily life.

This session provides an opportunity to learn about the practice, discuss its benefits, meet the teacher, ask questions, and register for the course itself. This informal lecture is free of charge and obligation. All are cordially invited to bring whomever they like. No prior experience or knowledge of meditation is necessary. Absolutely all questions welcome.

Step 2: Basic Training Meditation Course

  • 4 consecutive days
  • 90 minutes each day
  • Self Sufficient upon Graduation

For those who are inspired and ready, the Basic Training Meditation Course will be offered over four consecutive days following the introductory talk. On those subsequent days, each 90 minute session will be offered at convenient times with the intention of accommodating work schedules and prior commitments.

You must attend on all 4 days. By the end of the course, each student will be a self-sufficient meditator, with enough knowledge and experience to practice regularly on their own.

Course Fee:  Our Course Registration Fee is structured on a sliding scale, based on each student’s personal income level. Course Fee to be discussed and arranged in-person at the Introductory Talk.

Step 3: The Lifetime Follow-Up Program

  • Weekly Group Meditation
  • Weekly Vedic Knowledge Meetings
  • Refresher Classes
  • Global Community
  • Advanced Courses

Once you graduate from your basic instruction course, you are invited to participate in our Follow Up Program. These sessions are exclusively for those who have already learned Vedic Meditation. In the spirit of creating a sense of community, supporting regular practice, and expanding our Knowledge base, we have established a weekly group “Knowledge Meeting” at The Vedic Meditation House. This is a wonderful opportunity to meditate with a group, share personal experiences, ask questions, and meet other meditators.  You are cordially invited to reap the benefits of a group setting.