About The Teacher

Matthew Spangler is founder of The Meditation Effect.  He is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation, working with individuals to access inner potential, develop self-sufficiency, and sustain balance in daily life.  Direct experience provided the core inspiration in his path to become a teacher; sharing this transformational technique revealed itself as his life-long purpose.

A rigorous teacher-training program was undertaken at the helm of 40-year veteran teacher and world-renowned Vedic scholar, Maharishi Thom Knoles.  Thom has blessed the lives of over 20,000 individuals with the instruction of this technique. He is the world’s foremost teacher of Vedic Meditation outside of India and is considered a leading authority on the Vedic worldview.  Matthew considers himself to be taught by the best.

For over a decade, Mr. Spangler has immersed himself both in the practice of Vedic Meditation and its accompanying intellectual Knowledgebase. In February 2009, he found himself at the geographical source of the technique — the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, to study as a teacher.  After returning to the states, three months would be spent in Flagstaff, AZ to form the culmination of his training.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Matthew offers weekly courses in Vedic Meditation and advanced courses in the study of the *Veda.  He is currently working on his first book, aimed at sharing the benefits of Meditation and the practical application of the Vedic World View.  Vedic Meditation is truly a gift; both to practice and to teach.  Matthew finds great joy in guiding others to the discovery of the teacher within.

*The Veda is the ancient record of spiritual experience that is the source of the arts and sciences of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation, and the whole of Indian philosophy. Knowledge of the Veda is said to confer mastery of all the laws of nature, because the Veda is structured as universal knowledge available within everyone’s consciousness – it is the blueprint of creation.

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