Are you worth it?! YES, you are and they are! A Life Coach is a mentor, teammate, and unconditional source of support in service of your well-being and personal evolution. In your coaching relationship, you are the flame and your coach is the wind. I love metaphors! It’s your fire that drives the process and your coach is there to stoke the flames. Like any professional service, there are a wide range of offerings in the coaching space. Take some time to get clear on your Vision for your relationship with a coach. Why are you seeking out coaching? What are some of the most important areas you’d like to focus on? Where are you struggling the most in your life? Would you like coaching related to specific skill sets/vocations/practices? Generate some powerful questions for yourself so you start to get clear on your own desires and preferences. With that clarity, do some research, and see what feels best as you explore your options. Many coaches, like myself, will offer a complimentary introduction/discovery session. This gives you and your coach the opportunity to connect, share, and see if you’re the right fit for working together. The terms of the coaching relationship are mutually agreed upon for both parties. Let’s explore some of the most valuable aspects of having a coach in your life and by your side.

Unconditional Support

It’s the coach’s job to generate a climate of safety and trust. This means being non-judgmental, unbiased, and unconditionally supportive. The coach plays a unique role in your life. They are not a family, friend, or colleague. They have no particular agenda of their own, other than to see you breakthrough, shine, and continue to progress. It’s unique to have someone in your life with no personal agenda other than to celebrate you and your potential. Unconditional means: as long as you are in integrity with the terms of the coaching relationship, your coach is there for you, no matter what.


One of the most powerful aspects of the coaching relationship is accountability. As your coach, it is my job to hold you accountable to your word. You get to create commitments in service of your vision, and I get to hold you accountable to those commitments. I cannot overstate how valuable this process is. Getting clarity on what you’re committed to, declaring and sharing it, then being held accountable, sets you up for success. When you follow through on your word, we celebrate it. When you are out of integrity, we look at where and how the breakdown occurred; Not as a punishment, as an opportunity for awareness and fresh application going forward. The accountability structure sets you up to win, in the ways that matter most to you.

Tools & Knowledge

A great Life Coach will be a bountiful source of both practical tools and knowledge for their client. When I work with my clients, I guide them in various techniques of Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Journaling, Challenges, and Emotional Intelligence exercises. These tools become daily practices and are foundational for our progress. We are what we repeatedly do, as the saying goes. Ultimately, Knowledge is for action. With your coach, you will gain the knowledge, tools, and techniques that support you in flying free and living abundantly. All in all, the best way to find out if coaching is worth it, is to jump in and let direct experience respond. Inquire within and let’s get started. Namaste!