How Do You Feel After Deep Breathwork?

Words don’t do it justice, but we can say “amazing!” and it would be true. If you’re asking this question, it’s likely time for you to experience it for yourself. Breathwork affects us on all levels: mind, body, and spirit. Scientifically and experientially, we know each of these major aspects of personal identity (mind, body, and consciousness) are intimately connected. They perpetually reflect each other, behaviorally and chemically. It’s not

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What Do I Think About While Meditating?

It’s awesome that you’re asking! I highly recommend working with a teacher/guide who can support you with specific instruction and follow up. Working with a teacher allows your unique experience to be honored and tends to create the most sustainable results over time. A teacher, such as myself, is often connected to a larger network of teachers and community. In my case, it’s our worldwide community of Vedic Meditation Initiators

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How Long Should You Work With A Life Coach?

Great question! The answer will be specific to you and your journey. As you work with your Life Coach, you will naturally build a relationship that strengthens and develops over time. Lasting and sustainable results are most effectively achieved when a structured and consistent coaching relationship is cultivated. This takes time. In our fast-paced, modern societies we often look for the quick-fix approach to our desires and even our healing

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How Does Breathwork Calm Your Mind

The short and sweet answer: when you calm your body, you calm your mind. The mind and body are intimately connected. As we breathe mindfully, fully, and deeply, our physiology enters a unique state. In turn, one’s mind and state of consciousness shifts to reflect the new state of the body and breath. Whether it’s calmness, excitation, or any other state, the mind and body reflect each other chemically and

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Are Life Coaches Worth It?

Are you worth it?! YES, you are and they are! A Life Coach is a mentor, teammate, and unconditional source of support in service of your well-being and personal evolution. In your coaching relationship, you are the flame and your coach is the wind. I love metaphors! It’s your fire that drives the process and your coach is there to stoke the flames. Like any professional service, there are a

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What Are The 3 Main Types Of Meditation

There are many styles and approaches to Meditation. Many of these are similar in their methodology. It’s good to explore your options and discover what works best for you. Be mindful of quick-fix, immediate-results mentality. Meditation is a long-term practice whose effects unfold and integrate over time. With the emergence of modern technology, virtual instruction and app-based learning have burst onto the scene. While these options are convenient, we recommend

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What Is Breathwork Meditation?

Breathwork and Meditation are distinct personal development practices that enjoy commonalities, like a Venn Diagram. Many breathwork practices integrate forms of meditation as part of their process. Many approaches to Meditation utilize Breathwork in some way, shape, or form. The best response to this question is direct experience. Inquire within if you’d like to get started. Both of these tools are ancient practices flowing with modern relevance. We live high-demand,

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What Problems Do Life Coaches Solve?

Life Coaches don’t solve your problems. Your problems can’t be ‘solved’ outside of yourself. Ultimately, this is good news, the best news. You are the source and solution of your life experiences. Your coaching relationship is designed to provide you with unconditional support as you embark on your journey of solutions. The experiences you currently define as problems will appear and disappear, morph, bend, expand, dissipate, explode, and vanish, at

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Is It OK To Fall Asleep While Meditating?

Yes. Whatever happens naturally, happens for good. That being said, there are many unique styles and approaches to Meditation. The interpretation of falling asleep while meditating (its degree of okay-ness) will be relative to the style and tradition you are inquiring with. I will speak from my own experience and area of expertise: Vedic Meditation. In our practice, we emphasize the principle: whatever happens naturally, happens for good. From the

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What is the best time to do Yoga?

Yoga can be practiced at any time of day or night. Historically, Yoga practice is highlighted for practice in the early morning hours, before and as the sun rises. This is a beautiful opportunity to align our internal clocks with nature’s rhythm. Morning Yoga practice also sets an intentional, grounding tone for the day. When we begin the day, mindfully connecting to breath and body, it influences all of the

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