Great question! The answer will be specific to you and your journey. As you work with your Life Coach, you will naturally build a relationship that strengthens and develops over time. Lasting and sustainable results are most effectively achieved when a structured and consistent coaching relationship is cultivated. This takes time. In our fast-paced, modern societies we often look for the quick-fix approach to our desires and even our healing process. Sustainable results ask for mindful processes that offer structure and consistency. Ultimately, there is no should in response to this inquiry. It completely depends on what you’re up to in life and if you’ve connected with a Coach that will be able to serve you well. The good news is you don’t need to draw any final conclusions about the future, right now. Orient your attention around what’s most relevant for you and your journey now. Take care of the Present, and the future will take care of itself.

How Often Should You Work With A Life Coach?

This may be an even better question. It causes us to focus on the current climate and surrender future speculation. Your Life Coach’s accessibility will be largely based on their experience level and how much you are paying them. I work with some of my clients 2x per month. Others 4x, once per week. I prefer the weekly connection as it greatly supports the structure, consistency, and throughline of the coaching process. There are ways in which you and your Coach can strategically customize your meeting schedule in order to create a win/win. The weekly meeting creates a setpoint, an anchor, for the work you will be doing on your own throughout each week. The work you do with your Coach during your session, is but a fraction of the total experience. You practice with your Coach and you play on the field of your life. Your personal life experiences are the playground on which you get to implement, experiment, create, and celebrate the value you receive from your coaching relationship. Instead of future tripping about how long you’ll be working with a coach, focus on finding the right coach, then focus on the next step, right in front of you.

Why Do I Want A Life Coach?

This may seem obvious, but I invite you to simmer and stew in it. Don’t rush for the answers. Pose the question, create the space, and listen. Powerful questions get powerful responses. Self-inquiry goes a long way on our journey with the Self. Asking for and then receiving clarity is a foundational step to your Coaching process. It will guide the type of coach you seek as well as the frequency and nature with which you wish to work. As an exercise, I invite you to brainstorm everything that comes up in response to this question, no filter. Move through the different areas of your life: Mental health, physical health, spirituality, relationships, career, purpose, personal identity, self-esteem, communication skills, all of it. Where do you already shine and where could you use some real support? This personal inventory exercise means the coaching process has already begun for you. Congratulations! As you likely know by now, I am a Life Coach. If you’re ready to get started with an introductory session, inquire within. Sending you Love and Blessings along your journey. Namaste!