Yoga can be practiced at any time of day or night. Historically, Yoga practice is highlighted for practice in the early morning hours, before and as the sun rises. This is a beautiful opportunity to align our internal clocks with nature’s rhythm. Morning Yoga practice also sets an intentional, grounding tone for the day. When we begin the day, mindfully connecting to breath and body, it influences all of the moments that follow. Late afternoon and into the early evening hours is also a lovely window to practice in. You may also utilize Yoga strategically, to soothe an illness or to prepare for an important life event. In all cases, Yoga is a long-term practice and consistency is the heartbeat. More importantly than when you’re practicing, it’s that you’re practicing. Well done!

Morning Yoga

Yogis and Rishis (Seers) of Ancient India have been practicing morning Yoga since time immemorial. Yoga means to Unite. Any practice that supports the development of Unity Consciousness within the individual, can be called Yoga. Physical asana practice is what most of us in the West call Yoga. Yet, Yoga is much broader than that. The term also includes the foundational practices of Meditation, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Service to Others, and Community Connection. The Ancient Yogis would practice any number of these tools in the early morning hours, in service of their wellbeing and evolution. We won’t dive into the extensive science behind it right now, but aligning our internal rhythms with Nature’s rhythms, is immensely healing and supportive. The Ancient texts teach the wisdom of rising before the Sun and practicing Yoga. The benefits remain theoretical until you experience it for yourself.

Evening Yoga

Evening Yoga is powerful and unique for its own reasons. By late afternoon/early evening, we have absorbed a lot of energy (and perhaps stress) from our day. Yoga in the evening time creates the ideal conditions for releasing that accumulated energy and transitioning into a peaceful evening. Yin Yoga is a style of practice that tends to be slower-paced, less exerting than power yoga, and focuses on resting in poses for longer periods of time. This style caters beautifully to evening sessions. You may like to accompany your evening session with some reflective journaling and/or meditation. The evening time is a great opportunity to let go, to review your day with loving awareness, and to create a clean slate for the new day to come.

Strategic Yoga

Yoga is a practice, a tool, to support you and your Life. We recommend practicing on a regular basis. Consistency is King if you really want to cultivate and integrate the enormous benefits. That being said, you also have an opportunity to use your practice strategically. Mindfully breathing and stretching will be beneficial before/after almost any meaningful/challenging life event. I know that when I practice Yoga, I feel and look my best. This means it would behoove me to use my practice advantageously. Yoga releases stress from the body, clears the mind, and makes us happier for no reason at all. Well, because we’re now Aligned. These internal qualities are essential for any major undertaking we may be up against in Life. As I’ve said, we want Yoga to be a consistent practice so it can transform the causal level of our experience. Let’s leave the band-aids in the proverbial cabinet 😉 Contact me to get started. Namaste!