Let’s explore the 3 Major Benefits of Arriving Early!

Early is truly ‘On Time’. When we arrive early for a commitment/appointment/meeting, we set ourselves up to Win, both internally and externally.

Self-Respect & Integrity

1. Self Respect – Integrity generates self-respect. ‘Being our Word’ creates internal alignment, confidence, and manifestation power. The more we practice flexing our integrity, the stronger it becomes. Relationships with Self is primary and flows into all other areas of Life.

Honor The Transition

2. Honor The Transition – When we create the space to honor our transitions between activities, we support ourselves in leaving the past in the past, and setting an intention for the experience to come. This transitional time creates an energetic buffer so we avoid dragging residual energy into new experiences.

Set The Tone

3. Set The Tone – Arriving Early gives us the opportunity to set the tone for the experience to come. How often have we rushed into the ‘next thing’, dragging our day/week/year with us? When we mindfully and intentionally set the tone for the upcoming experience, we lay the groundwork for our desired experience. This is much like planting particular seeds in the soil that you wish to grow. Do you want to arrive like a scrambling peasant, or as the Royalty you are?

WHEN we arrive, directly impacts HOW we arrive!
Early is on time and on time is late.

In Love & Service,