Breathwork is an incredible experience. It’s a practice whereby the benefits exponentially increase + integrate over time, just like Meditation.

Breathwork releases stress from the body and cultivates orderliness in the nervous system. It generates space in the body, which generates space in the mind. This expands consciousness. I’ve experienced a flood of beautiful ideas, intuitions, and new perspectives both during and after my practice. Breathwork uproots and neutralizes trauma that has been living in the cells of the body. A yoga teacher once told me, “the issues are in the tissues”. It stuck.

Stress literally sticks. Nightly sleep addresses the relatively superficial layers of stress. We get to Go Deeper, on a regular basis. Unaddressed stress starts to accumulate only to eventually rear its ugly head. This is where our Practices + Techniques come in.

Meditation + Breathwork are two of my most powerful practices. They release what is no longer serving me and empower my current Best to come forth. Sometimes the GUNK in the system sticks around for so long, we start confusing it with Who We Are. We need tools in the tool belt, being actively used, to continue to come back Home; to facilitate this Process of Waking Up; to Love Ourselves & Contribute to others.

If you’d like more information on learning Meditation and/or Breathwork with me, please reach out!

Love, Matthew