Try on the perspective that evolution is always occurring. Forward progress is a constant in this human life. Just like when we’re hiking up a mountain if we take individual snapshots of certain legs or parts of our journey it may appear as if we’re moving away from the destination sometimes we may be going downhill but each unique leg is in service of the evolution from point a to point b. Life is just like that sometimes… we have experiences, and perhaps even more extended time periods, where it feels like we’re backtracking. It feels like we’re moving away from the target or the summit. I want to invite in the perspective that even in those even in those spaces of apparent stagnation evolution is alive and well.

Evolution Is Every Step

I invite each of us to look into the areas that feel like we’re backtracking in or that we feel stuck in and see if we can actually detect the evolution that’s present. Let’s see if we can find the diamonds in the rough. The more that we can affirm evolution’s presence, the more that evolution’s presence will be present in our consciousness. That which we are looking for, looks for us. Find the evolution where there seems to be none and know that this current experience is but one unique leg of your journey. You are always moving towards the summit, you are always taken care of, and you’re safe on your path. Have fun with your hike, remember to stop and turn around to let the sun hit your face every once in a while. God Bless You!