Welcome Beautiful People! This video is dedicated to empowering YOU to explore and expand your sense of self!

From doing to Being

So often we focus on the ‘doings’ of our Life, sourcing our sense of self from activities, circumstances, and results. In this video, I invite you to get more subtle, into the Essence of who you are. Here we will focus on our ‘Ways of Being’. These are the inner qualities we are embodying and expressing, moment to moment. They are sourced from within, cultivated from within, and ever-free from the ever-changing world.

The mind’s tendency is to focus on content. This ‘narrowing in’ develops a sense of identification with the objects and activities of the world. “I am this thing” becomes the storyline/belief through repetitious validation and social agreement. When our attention is exclusive to these ever-changing elements, ‘experiences’ get entangled within the identity of the ‘experiencer’.

Our Spiritual Work

Our spiritual work asks us to relax focus from the content of our mind and merge with our ‘Beingness’, our own Presence. This means withdrawing Awareness from the tip of the cone and settling down towards the base. Relaxing into the thought, the feeling, the circumstance, etc. Allowing the experience to be as it is, while offering attention to the space that allows it to Be.

From this perspective, it’s much less about ‘what happens’ and much more about our ‘relationship to what happens’. “Who am I choosing to be in the midst of this experience?” “Where am I choosing to place my attention?” “Where am I blocking myself from Seeing the relevance/evolution here?” “Who do I desire to become in this new moment?”

This is the opportunity for self-investigation. These thoughts, feelings, and circumstances are all temporary guests. Instead of putting them on a pedestal, we can allow ourselves to focus more and more on the quality and nature of the host. The Self!

Instead of ‘looking for’ our Sense of Self, let’s shift into Creator mode and BE our chosen Self. Every moment is a fresh opportunity.

In Love + Service,