When you give away something of value (think about this non-materially): love, courage, connection…When you give away something of intrinsic value, you find that you only end up with more. In fact, it multiplies! Who is it multiplying for? Well, for both parties, giver and receiver. If I generate love, if I give love, if I express love, and I send that to you… I myself am having a personal experience of love. I am experiencing that which I’m giving. On the other side of the street, you are receiving that love. Consequently, anytime you’re giving something,   there’s also that more subtle element of receiving. Think about how powerful this is. We’re moving from being at the effect of life to being the creator, the source.   So often we orient our attention around what we’re not receiving. This is my invitation to all of us: Let’s be in the practice of being the source of that which we desire to experience in our environment. What do you feel is missing in your current environment/circumstance? Turn this into a mindfulness practice.

Victim Consciousness –> Source Consciousness

Imagine you’re hanging out with your family (perhaps over Zoom) and you start to feel like you’re not receiving listening, you’re not receiving attention, or presence. No one is really seeing you. The focal point, in that moment, is ‘I’m not being seen’ and now you’re at the effect of your environment. This practice asks us to flip that 180 degrees to become the source of our experience. Instead of focusing on what I’m not getting, now I can become the source of what I desire to receive, in my giving. In this case, we would then offer presence, listening, connection. In that moment of shift, I actually start to receive that which I felt was missing.

Giving Is Receiving – The Flower Story

I’d like to share a short story with you. Three nights ago I walked out of the gas station and saw a gentleman on the street selling flowers. I felt for him. We’re in the height of a pandemic, he’s out in the cold and the dark, selling flowers to cars that are driving by (most of whom probably aren’t gonna buy them). I walked over to him and I said, “Hey dude, how much are the flowers?” He said, “ten bucks.” I had seven dollars on me. I said to myself, ‘this guy deserves this, I’m just gonna give this seven dollars’ I said aloud, “I only have seven bucks, please take this as a tip, please receive this. He was kind of taken aback and a little surprised but he received it. He thanked me and I walked away. As I was getting towards the end of the street, I heard a distant voice. It was the gentleman calling me back over. He pointed over to the flowers and said, “Please, take one of these bouquets!”

This experience inspired this video. I only had seven bucks on me but I was really clear on my priority and intention to give to this person. To say, ‘I See you, I hear you. You’re out here in the cold, during a pandemic. The seven bucks were a symbol. The connection we shared was the essence, the juice. Given he’s working that job, money is likely tight. And yet, he offered me his product for less than he was selling it for. He was filled with the energy of giving and inspiration.   My giving inspired his giving.

Giving Inspires Giving

Giving inspires giving. Anything of value in life only multiplies when it’s given. Don’t get caught in thinking of this principle in strictly dollars and cents. Think of it in terms of energy. What do you really value energetically, metaphysically? What are the qualities that you really value in yourself? Listening, kindness, compassion, service, courage. I invite you to play the game of consciously exercising, expressing, and giving away these qualities.   Such that the effects multiply both within yourself and within the ‘recipient’ on the other side of the street. Remember, that which you give away is only what you’re keeping. Have that attitude of giving, watch it multiply, use that as confirmation feedback, and enjoy this process of abundance! This is really abundance in motion. Giving from within, being the source of what you want to receive or experience in your environment… is both liberating and powerful. Thank you for Being here. Namasté!