How do I get clear on what I want? How do I know which of my desires are most relevant for myself, my growth, and the world at large? On a given day, we experience so many different thoughts, desires, and preferences. How do I gain clarity around which desire, which path, is truly worthy of my time, energy, and attention?


Is your desire exciting? Does this desire organically light you up? Is it charming, attractive, inspiring? Does the thought of its fruition bring joy to your mind and heart? Does the idea of moving in that direction light you up? In the Vedic world view, that which is exciting, that which is charming, is actually an intelligent directive for you to move in that particular direction. Nature, on a macro scale, is perpetually evolving. Its intelligence uses ‘desire’ to move its evolutionary agenda forward. When a particular option appears to you as organically alluring, that is Nature’s intelligence communicating with you! It is an invitation to take action on your feeling, in service of your evolution and that of the collective.


Does your desire show up repeatedly? Is it thematic in your awareness? Does it continue to knock on your door in the absence of your force, manipulation, or control? In our culture of ‘doership’ and ‘control’, we are so oriented around ‘what I want’, ‘what I’m doing’, what I can get and achieve. Here, I’m asking you to be an observer, to be a feeler, to be a listener. What is it that keeps showing up on my doorstep? What is it that continues to visit me, such that maybe it’s asking for my attention?


What expands you? Which of your desires that you now are finding most joyful and most repetitious… which of those desires is calling you into a more evolved version of yourself? What desire, or set of desires, through the process of their fulfillment, is calling you into a more evolved space? In other words… in order to really fulfill that desire, you get to grow into the next best version of yourself. There is often a challenging, confronting aspect to our most relevant desires. This is because Nature is all about evolution. There’s a macro, evolutionary flow occurring and nature puts desires in our individual hearts as perpetual catalysts for that flow.

Remember, powerful questions get powerful answers. Especially when asked consistently over time.

 Is it exciting?

Is it repetitive?

Is it expansive?

Keep asking yourself these questions and it will really serve your process of getting clarity on which of your desires are actually the highest priority. This is your internal GPS, in service of your individual evolution and that of the collective.

Jai Guru Deva,