As often as it is calling your mind, body, and Soul. Of course, there are logistical and practical considerations. Yoga is not a quick fix, instant gratification process (although it does often feel good immediately). I encourage you to See your yoga journey as a long-term process that unfolds over time. Layers, depth, and incredible nuance reveal themselves through dedicated practice and consistency. The process itself is the goal just as much as the results. Mindfulness and process-oriented awareness are important counterparts to the obvious physical dynamics of Yoga. This all being said, there is no should when it comes to your Yoga practice frequency. It boils down to your Vision, your desires, your preferences, and your commitment level. Whether you’re a novice or experienced practitioner, the following elements will greatly support your Yoga journey.

Join A Yoga Studio!

Nothing beats the value of high-quality guidance, professional studios, set schedules, and a community to support you. Joining a Yoga studio offers you the structure and support that will set you up for success. I speak from experience when I say a Yoga community can be a rich resource for wellbeing and personal growth. I teach at CorePower Yoga in Pasadena and La Canada. Getting to practice, learn, and teach with my fellow yogis has been an incredible blessing that continues to multiply. One of the beautiful aspects to Yoga: it meets you where you’re at. Your community also meets you there, with open arms and nonjudgemental support. Explore different studios and teachers, feel the vibe, check-in with yourself, and find your match!

Commit to Consistency

If we want to extract the real juiciness from Yoga, it’s best to practice with consistency. Yoga is a foundational practice that works on the level of our Being. It’s not a quick fix, per se. It’s an integration process that unfolds over time, within mind, body, and soul. Our commitment to consistency is the engine that drives this vehicle forward. Your frequency of practice will be relative to your personal commitment level and how this interplays with the other commitments in your life. There are ways and means of strategizing so Yoga happens in your life, every day. This doesn’t mean you necessarily physically show up to class every day. Home yoga, virtual guidance, and abbreviated sessions are all viable strategies when getting to the studio are off the table. This being said, I’m a proponent of in-personal experiences having the potential to deliver the most value. Get to the studio as consistently as you can. When you can’t, implement these alternatives. Commitment to consistency and reap the exponential benefits over time.

Private Sessions

A private yoga session offers immense value. You are receiving undivided attention and hyperspecific support. Implementing private yoga sessions into your journey sets you on a powerful trajectory. Correctness of practice is a vital element to Yoga. In group settings, the obvious and subtle ways we are out of alignment often go unnoticed. The teacher simply can’t observe everyone and everything all at once. We may begin developing ‘bad’ habits regarding posture, breath, sequencing, and alignment. When you work with a Yoga teacher privately, all of these elements get acknowledged and addressed. Your practice will benefit greatly from the intimacy of this support. I recommend it as an adjunct to regular group yoga, rather than as a substitute. We still want to powerfully utilize our community connection. Namaste!