Pretending we’re unaware of something is a clever tactic the mind uses to avoid vulnerability, to avoid stretching ourselves in a new direction, and to delay necessary action. There is a payoff to our pretense: If we don’t know, we can continue to play small and play it safe; we can repeat the past and we don’t have to change.

Are there things we are genuinely unaware of? Of course. Most things. Yet, there is an abundance of knowledge that has reared its head and we continue to operate as if it’s not there. Sometimes this knowledge is intuitive; a feeling that’s present. Sometimes this knowledge has made itself more obvious through repeated, direct, circumstantial experience. In both cases, these impulses indicate that Nature is asking us to change and grow.

It is imperative for our (personal and collective) evolution that we receive the gifts our awareness brings. These gifts are cues for relevant action to occur. If we go on ignoring the call for change, stagnation and destruction will become inflamed until we really get the message.


It’s similar to driving on the freeway. You’re traveling along when you come upon a sign that reads “hazard ahead”. This could be the whisper of a sign that you barely see; camouflaged by the road, other cars, and the environment that surrounds you.  This could also be a blaring, lights flashing, unmistakable sign; clearly communicated with urgency. If you ignore the sign and proceed without altering your route, you are inevitably setting yourself up for an accident. Or perhaps this hazard takes on the form of a missed opportunity, rather than a blatant crash.  You were guided to get off the freeway and take a new route, but you forged ahead. Nevertheless, these signs are perpetually occurring on the road of life.

          New awareness means change and the call for action. That new action may feel crunchy as it’s going to push us, it’s going to challenge us, and it’s going to call relevant information out of the shadows. This arising awareness, if it is acknowledged, will ask us to embark upon the unknown with courage and transparency. When we’ve been conditioned and accustomed to building a shelter in the shade, this light can feel daunting.

          Inquiry: Where in your life are you practicing deliberate ignorance (ignoring) in order to stay comfortable in the familiar?

         Exercise: List 3 things in your personal life that you feel you’re aware of, but have been actively ignoring. What are the payoffs to continuing to ignore these? Be specific. What are the payoffs to facing these head-on and taking action with your knowledge? Be specific.

Awareness is a powerful tool. It’s made most relevant when we create change from what we know.

Awareness brings knowledge and knowledge is for action.

This is the full cycle of manifestation.

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