Just like we’re flexing muscles when we run, we’re also flexing our Integrity when we follow through on what we say we’re gonna do. Every time you get clear on what you’re committed to… You declare it and you follow through… that’s you flexing your muscle of integrity. It’s an important step to first get this clarity. Boil it down to what you’re committed to, trim away the fat. So often ‘what we’re up to’, ‘what we’re committed to’, ‘what we say we want’, all this is kind of floating in a soup of ambiguity and lack of clarity. When we’re not clear on our commitments, our Vision continues to live in someday, tomorrow, maybe, ‘am I allowed?’… those types of hesitancy/unsure vibrations. Lack of clarity is also a clever strategy by the conditioned intellect/ego to let us off the hook. If I’m not really clear on what I’m committed to then I’m not being held accountable. If there’s nothing specifically at stake, I can’t fail. Because I didn’t really have an aim, I couldn’t miss the mark. Get clear on what you’re committed to. This calls you to a certain new standard. It’s an invitation to live into that space…and this is the juice of life. Set yourself up and live into the stretch, live into the progress, the evolution,   the alignment.

Commitment Over Circumstance

Move from chaos to order, move from lack of clarity, to small, simple, and specific. This is what I call the SSS technique or point of view. Get small, simple, and specific about what you’re creating. Now that you have the terms of the game clear, now we can play ball. The game becomes win/lose in the sense, ‘did you follow through on what you said you were going to do?” So, this evening, I said to myself, ‘Matthew, you’re gonna run three miles!’ When I got out there, it was a little bit of a pain in the ass. Cold fingers, looks from neighbors, darkness, neglect of house pets, all sorts of things. Yet my through-line, my commitment, was the guiding principle of my experience. How can you make your commitments the guiding principle in your life? Life is going to happen regardless of what you say you’re committed to.

Strengthen Your Relationship To Your Word

Constantly changing thoughts, feelings, and circumstances are always arriving, changing, and disappearing. Much of this is completely outside of our control. What’s in our domain, what each of us is responsible for, is what we’re committed to. Make your commitments self-containing and do all that you can within your resources, energy, intelligence, and creativity to play full out. As you flex your muscle of integrity, you strengthen your relationship to your word. If you make that a habit, you know (going forward) when you say something, it’s getting done. In this practice, we are building a relationship with our word through successive repetition.

Accountability & Teamwork

A really important element here is: utilizing accountability and community. Bring someone on board who wants to play the same game: Declaring what you’re committed to, playing the game full out, holding each other accountable, and sharing feedback. With an accountability partner or team by your side, you are setting yourself up to win. This is a rich ecosystem for your exponential evolution. It’s not always going to be easy, it’s not always going to be fluffy, but it’s going to be worth it! This is your journey. Flex the muscle of your integrity, like you flex the muscles of your body.  Create a partner or team to hold you accountable and offer that same accountability to others.  If you would like support from me, don’t hesitate to reach out. Namasté!