NOTICE that when we don’t fully learn a lesson, the lesson appears again. Perhaps in a new form/circumstance/person. Perhaps the same blatant situation on repeat mode. Nonetheless, it tends to appear again and again.

A lesson can be defined as an experience that contains an opportunity for growth through heightened self-awareness.

An example from my own life: I often have morning appointments. When I don’t give myself ample time for my morning routine,  I enter the appointment as some fraction of my best self. When I am tight on time in the morning, I abbreviate meditation and skip yoga, my breakfast is thrown together (if at all), showering loses its gracefulness, I don’t have clear intentions in mind, and I arrive at my meeting relatively unprepared to be of service. The rushed and tense energy I bring into the meeting has its source in the quality of my morning. Herein lies the lesson: “If I give myself ‘x’ amount of time in the morning, I tend to feel ‘y’ in my meeting, which then parlays into the rest of my day.” These rocky experiences are not a punishment. They are simply a fresh wake up call; an invitation to adjust the approach and to shift my choices and actions.

If I have created the time for my morning to breathe, I set the tone for a relaxed and powerful day. My meditation is honored, I have time for some light yoga and pranayama (mindful breath work), I get to sit down with a hot cup of coffee/tea and organize my goals with clear intention. I then enjoy traveling to my appointment, arriving present and focused. The rest of my day is experienced with more joy and more ease; productivity and gracefulness; self-worth and empowerment.

Our lessons can shine from both desirable and undesirable experiences. If I feel off, I can investigate and increase my awareness through course-correction. If I feel on, I can increase my awareness through confirmation. Both experiences deliver valuable feedback.

This is the school life.

If you experience a repeated lesson, there is still more to learn from it. If you are reaping the benefits of your course correction, keep moving in that direction.lessons

When we’ve mastered a particular lesson, so as to take away the necessity for its appearance, a new lesson arrives to meet our new standard.

Don’t blame the lesson, focus on the learning. Let high expectations live with self-love and gentleness.

Time For Graduation.