Most of us humans live with an inner critic/thematic self-limiting voice. This is the conditioned echo of the past that keeps us stuck and playing small in the Present.

Personify Your Self-Limiting Voice

Start to Notice & Name the main one(s) that show up for you thematically. I tend to ‘overthink’ so I name mine ‘Overthinking Ollie’. The practice goes: When I recognize Ollie is in my conscious space, I embrace him with Awareness, then I make a choice/take an action with that new Awareness. In this case, I recognize my over-thinking, personify the behavioral pattern as Ollie, then transcend it!

Maybe for you, it’s…
•Perfectionism Pam
•Procrastination Paul
•Not-Good-Enough Ned
•I Can’t Carl
•The Future is Fuc*ed Fred
•Nobody likes me Nancy
•People Pleasing Peter

Self-Awareness Roles – Parent & Child

Consider that within your consciousness exists both a parent and a child. When our inner critic flares up, it’s our child-aspect having a temper tantrum. How do we respond as the Parent? Do we tend to the child with loving-awareness? Do we react and ‘become’ the child? This can be a powerful distinction for how we Show Up and the roles we embody, in our own Inner Space.

Going to Battle with our inner critic is like the Parent having a temper tantrum (eye for an eye, whole world blind). Our approach is the opposite. Through the Embrace of mindfulness, I can strengthen my recognition of Overthinking Ollie as a pattern, rather than a fixed, personal Identity. Ollie is speaking from fear, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, ‘getting it right’, perfectionism, playing small. I, as the parent, have the privilege of compassion and a broader perspective. I have the opportunity to Lead the Way ♥️

Enjoy the Video,
With Love,