Let’s explore 5 Mindful Responses to our beautiful, overthinking minds. Consider: a thought is designed for action. A thought is like a seed or an acorn whose inherent function is to bloom into fuller expression. Thought is the foundation for action. So when we say we’re ‘overthinking’, essentially what we’re saying is, ‘I’m thinking irrelevant thoughts’. I’m thinking thoughts that do not translate into progressive action. Remember, nature is perpetually evolving. The theme of change is evolution and this wheel is always spinning. When we overthink habitually, we’re engaging in behaviors that are out of alignment with this evolutionary flow. When we go against the grain of evolution, we feel dissonance in our consciousness and in the circumstances of our lives. Instead of playing the victim, we have an opportunity to play the creator. Let’s take radical responsibility for our experience. It’s time to explore 5 Mindful Responses to the overthinking mind!

1. Meditation, Breathwork, & Yoga

Be with it.  Our daily practices support us in building a healthy relationship with our intellect. This doesn’t mean we’re focusing on overthinking. It means we’re engaging in practices that create the space and alignment to build a healthy relationship with our thoughts. The holy trinity: Meditation Breathwork, and Yoga. These daily practices (and practices like these) will go a long way  in calming your nervous system pacifying  your mind  releasing stress from your body  and really supporting an  inner spaciousness around the thoughts  that come  up so there’s less attachment there’s  less identification  you’re able to hold these thoughts at a  greater distance  and sense that who you are is separate  from this this this ever-changing flow  of of thoughts that just come and go  they appear and they disappear they  appear and they disappear  who you are who i am is something deeper  more stable and more constant than the  ever-changing flow of thoughts meditation  breath work and yoga  ground us into these practices with  which connect us  to a deeper aspect of ourselves so  number one is to be  with it through your daily practices  journaling power poses  taking a walk there’s lots of different  ways in which you can bring a powerful and healthy relationship mindset to all of this overthinking. Being with it is number one. 

2. Courageous Action

My mom has a saying that has become locally famous and its  action  replaces worry  or action replaces over thinking in this  case  so in the first one we are we are  we’re facing it we’re being with it and  we’re letting it kind of process  and in this second strategy here  we’re transcending it we’re going  beyond what the thoughts are and what  they’re proposing  so number two is to move  through the thought with action take  action  in spite of the thinking so this is  going to ask you to move from your head  space  down into your heart space it’s going to  ask you to tap into  your inner qualities of clarity  and courage and leadership  perhaps leadership to yourself and you  you make that decision to take action  in spite of all the thinking and you  know that when you do take that action  you’re getting valuable feedback  and at that point you can course correct  take new action  receive more feedback and continue forth  if you don’t move for number two  if you don’t move you’re oftentimes  going to be sitting with analysis  paralysis you’re gonna be there’s gonna  be a stagnation  as the mind continues to whirl so  strategy 2  asks us to what sanskrit calls  that sanskrit for  go where you are not so if you find  yourself in overthinking  transcend that state and go where you  are not  dive into action leap into something  else  leave the space that you’re in through  decisive bold action  that’s number two

3. Notice, Shift, Become

This is a mindfulness tool that i’ve mentioned in a previous video but this  is a great one for overthinking  and that is to notice  shift become so in that moment  that you notice your overthinking take  take a moment and and connect  to the awareness the presence  of the overthinking that’s happening so  in that moment you create a distinction  between yourself your presence  and your mind’s activity when we go  through life  unconsciously we identify  with the thoughts that we’re thinking we  get lost in a sea of thoughts  like quicksand and we completely lose  our self  our own sense of presence the eye of the  hurricane  so in this practice for number three you  notice when you’re overthinking  so there’s that recognition and then you  shift  to your desired focused or your desired  activity  and then you become which means you  fully engage  so notice the overthinking not in  judgment  or criticism as a practice of  self-awareness  self-observation just watching yourself  you notice the overthinking  you shift into your desired  new point of focus what do you intend on  creating in this next moment  and become that next moment in other  words  you’re depriving the over  thinking of energy and attention  you’re saying oh i’ve become aware that  i’ve been putting  these thoughts on a pedestal i’ve been  focusing on this overthinking so i’m  noticing that  i am shifting into my desired focus  and then i’m fully immersing myself in  that new point of focus:notice, shift, become. 

4. Simplify Your Environment

Sit in the question of how can you  simplify your life  our our environment is a reflection of  our mind  and our minds our reflection of our  environment  so how can you simplify organize  and clean your personal space  such that it becomes more and more a  reflection  of how you’d like to experience your  mind is your personal space  a reflection of your desired  experience of your inner world  if not number four invites us  to transform our environment  such that it has a particular effect on  our minds  our environment and our consciousness  are always kind of dancing together  one is perpetually affecting the other  so  focus on having your environment be a  reflection of how you’d like your mind  to be  and watch how that begins to influence  your mental state  it’s a feedback loop because once you  change your environment  and then change your mind that once  again  circles back around to changing your  environment which then  comes back up to change your mind it’s a  beautiful  feedback loop 

5. Physical Health –> Mental Health

When we think about  overthinking oftentimes we neglect  talking about the body what we know  about the mind-body connection  is that they are intimately  connected the mind and the body are  perpetually reflecting each other  both chemically as well as behaviorally  they’re working in tandem they’re  mirrors  so what an overactive  mind indicates is is a  stressed body a body that is a bit  out of whack is going to have reflection  and activity expressed in our psyche as  we start to release  stress as we start to take better care  of our bodies  as we start to make new choices  surrounding nutrition  exercise mindfulness and relationships  just those four not a big deal but as we  start to make  new life choices  surrounding how we’re treating our body  we’re gonna  see that start to directly impact the  state  of our mind and the amount of irrelevant  thinking  think about it if you’re treating your  body like crap  if you’re not getting good sleep if  you’re putting junk food in it  if you’re around toxic people  if you’re never exercising  your mind is is going to be a reflection  of that state so how you treat your body  is also how you treat your mind  it’s not possible for you to do  something to your body  independent of your mind they’re always  reflecting so if you want to pacify your  mind’s activity  number five asks us to pacify the body  look for ways to soothe your nervous  system  to relax your mind to move into your  heart space  again meditation breath work  and yoga go a long way in supporting us  with this  i really hope and trust that these  five strategies for overthinking were  supportive for you  i very much appreciate your time energy  and attention  if you have any questions or comments  please leave them  below and i will talk to you so soon!