2021: I know it’s just an ‘idea’, but I invite you to think of it as the next chapter of your life. How can we live more deeply grounded in our Heart Space and less from our heads this year? How can we drop into our bodies and live from the visceral grounded-ness of our temple, our first home? Less from regret, speculation, conjecture, and manipulation. Can we ground into the intelligence contained within the cells of our body and feel —practice feeling—into our intuitive capacity. Move away from over-thinking, second-guessing, regretting, and speculating. These are all focuses that obstruct the clarity, the spaciousness, and the possibility of this Present moment. Can you let your body be the Guru in 2021?  How can you drop from your head down into your heart and embody more fully your own Heart Space? Such that you are moved into courage and moved into action. Less thinking, more Being. Less thinking, more doing.

Powerful Body Language, Powerful Voice

‘Stand up straight with your shoulders back’. This is a simple example. (Do this now with me 🙂 Stand up straight, lengthen through the crown of your head, drop your shoulders away from your ears, breathe into your belly, open up your chest. Do you see and feel how you’re now leading with your body? Now your mind begins to follow your body. ‘Oh, I guess we’re feeling a bit confident, I guess we’re feeling a bit grounded!’ Power Poses are a powerful daily practice. This means to physically embody poses that feel very powerful, grounding, and in alignment. Superhero Pose is a common one! You could do a Samoan warrior or a Sumo wrestler! I encourage you to add some sounds as well. Your voice is a powerful vehicle to connect to your personal power. Sound plus posture really drives home the message to your mind. You’re stating who you are, you’re declaring your power, you’re owning your worth. Your body is now teaching your mind who you are.

Let Your Body Be The Guru

So often we let the mind be the guru. The mind, with its imagined stories and limiting beliefs, is often informing the body. The body, chemically and behaviorally, then reflects the mind. This is how we get trapped in a self-limiting feedback loop. With this practice, we’re flipping that on its head. Do whatever comes to you without judgment or ‘trying to get it right’. Play with using your body and your voice in a way that feels aligning and affirming to who you know you are deeper down within. When you have a challenging choice to make, one that takes courage, let your body be the guru. Make the decision from your heart and then lead with your body. Just like the practice of Power Poses… you may not feel like that Warrior pose, but you assume the warrior pose, the warrior sounds, you just take it on, perhaps as an actor would, and then your mind starts to catch up. This, like anything else, is a practice.

Less Thinking, More Feeling

I invite you to get into the awareness of (and conversation of) dropping into your Heart Space and leading with your body. As humans, our minds so often hold us back and keep us stuck. Overthinking is its own modern-day pandemic. The mind can be a real obstacle on our evolutionary path and prevent us from seeing what’s possible for our lives. SO, less thinking, more feeling. Practice these Power Poses. Let your body be the Guru. Your body is flowing with hundreds of thousands of years of intelligence. The experiences of all our ancestors are absorbed into our DNA and passed along from generation to generation. You have amazing instincts and intelligence deeply embedded within your Being. Begin to move away from the culturally conditioned mind and tap into the cells of your body. You carry ancient intelligence within you.

Meditation, Breathwork, & Yoga

I very much recommend Meditation, Breathwork, and Yoga! Those are the holy trinity for this shift from the intellect into the power and intelligence of the body (also connected to intuition). Hey, here’s an idea: Let’s make 2021 the most amazing, kick-ass year yet! If you choose it and you’re committed to it, this is going to be your best, most powerful, most enjoyable year to date! I love you and thank you for Being here. Namasté!