As we are well aware, being human includes the experience of suffering.  Suffering shows up in all shapes and sizes, in a multitude of circumstances. We can experience suffering in our relationships, our finances, our career, our emotional baggage, and our mental health. The qualities of suffering are obvious: we feel heavy, stagnate, stuck, sad, uninspired, and perhaps angry. These negative emotional states (especially when dwelled upon) can disguise a valuable opportunity; The opportunity to consciously choose how we interpret our suffering and the growth that can come from it.

      When we bump into something, our awareness becomes heightened and alert. In stubbing our toe, our attention shifts to the toe. The bump itself causes us to investigate the feeling. Instead of wallowing in the pain, we can acknowledge it, feel it, and examine how the experience occurred. This examination allows us to move through the pain and be pro-active as a result.

      Our dark moments are a guru. When seen this way, the dimmer switch of the mind intensifies. With the Light of new awareness, we no longer need the same lesson repeated in the future. Inevitably, new challenges arise to meet our new state of mind. For you gamers out there, it’s like graduating to the next level.  How we interpret the challenge, defines the challenge. Let darkness be an invaluable lesson in personal examination.

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 ~ Wake Up Call ~

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