Today we’re going to be breaking down the five steps of successful accountability! There’s actually a method or structure that you can implement to hold yourself accountable and set yourself up to win. We’re gonna do this in five, easy, awesome steps!

1. Accountability Buddy & Teamwork

The first (and perhaps most important) step here is to acquire a teammate or a team a group of people   that are all on the same page and   committed to the   context of accountability the context or   the environment   of accountability is so important   in this ecosystem   everyone is on the same page everyone is   in a shared space of   commitment and personal progress   and non-judgment and unconditional   support so the first step to   successful accountability is building a   strong   team   whoopsie daisy   let’s use blue for the ocean   because your team is much like the ocean   that you swim inside when you   are holding yourself accountable ow   team  

2. Create Clear Commitments

Get clear so often we don’t get clear because then we are not truly held accountable for what we say we’re up to we can’t miss the mark if we’re not   really aiming for something   so this next step is so important that   you examine   what you’re up to in your life you look   at what   what is most important you might have   eight things that you could do   but i guarantee you only one or two of   those   is really asking   for urgency so identify what’s most   important   and that will inform your clarity   on what you’re getting committed to   get clear   oftentimes.

3. Declare Your Commitments

This is this one isn’t talked about it’s to actually declare what you’re committed to declaring it could look like writing it down sharing it with your team saying it out   loud   i am committed to this speak it out   state it declare it to the universe let   the spiritual beings know what you’re up   to   take a stand for what you’re up to and   demonstrate that   so the universe can respond there’s   something very powerful   in stating or declaring what you’re   actually committed to   and this practice is important within   your team because you’re   declaring to your teammate and you’re   receiving and listening   for for for them for what they’re up to   so you’re mutually holding that space of supportive declaration.

4. Take Bold Action (or don’t)

 Now that you got your team you’re clear   and you declared it now it’s time for action or not   but this is your opportunity for action   will you follow through in what you said   you were going to do and make it black and white make it win   or lose   you either did it or you didn’t   find simplicity and clarity in the   accountability process   so you can really flex that muscle   each time you follow through on what you   say you’re gonna do you’re flexing your muscle of integrity and this is   internally   building strength-building self-esteem building that sense of I can really do anything I get clearer that I’m committed to so   declaration and then action   follow through or don’t  

5. Results & Feedback (loop to #1)

Now you get to see what the results are   what are the results   just what happened did you follow   through   if not what came up for you what were   the the   no first is just the simplicity of the   results what are we left within the wake of our declaration   and then since this is a loopy loopy   loop   number five comes back around to your   team you take these results and you   connect with your team   what worked what didn’t work how can we   adjust   and shift based on the results that   we’re receiving   what needs to change who do i need to   become   such that these commitments are   fulfilled   next time around team   clarity declaration action results   take those results back to your team get   clear once again   make new declarations take some bold   decisive action get those results   take those back to your team and watch   how this cycle   just continues this is a structured way   to build accountability into your daily   routine   and to elevate your your game   each and every day through the power of   your   own word you   are a gift set yourself up to win  strengthen your word. You got this!