The Vedas teach, ‘Speculation is the root of all misery!’ In this video, we are going to focus on how to transform speculation into Presence. Notice the habitual tendency to speculate upon future events, to swim in the stories we create about “what ‘others’ are thinking”. The mind games we play tend to be far more dramatic than the actual experiences as they occur. Have you noticed?

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy flows where Attention goes. If we start focusing on a negative (bad feeling) WHAT IF about the future, an emotional response naturally kicks in, and now the body is involved. Neurologically and physiologically, we start experiencing the future, as if it’s happening in the Present. Any Perspective you identify with will have its own emotional and chemical response. That’s how connected the Mind & Body are.

Embody Your Future Now

We have the perpetual opportunity to be the stewards of our own imagination. We are Powerful and Free Beings. This means choosing (highlighting) thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and actions that feel holistically in Alignment and Progressive. This means expecting and accepting the Best for yourself, moment to moment. This means envisioning and Feeling into wonderful, abundant future experiences Now. As a practice. This means having a Vision and holding yourself accountable. This means Being the Hero/Heroine of your own Storyline. Let’s transform speculation into Presence together.

Enjoy the Video

♥️ Matthew