Life Coaching Sessions will vary across the board in nature, quality, and duration. I recommend you do some research, explore your options, and listen to your gut. With the dawn of our virtual age, there is an abundance of coaching options available to you. Explore the prospective coach’s content and online presence. Check-in with how you feel, how he/she affects you, as you experience them. Some coaches you will naturally vibe with more than others. Keep following your gut, keep following your heart. Like myself, most of these coaches offer complimentary introductory (discovery) sessions. This gives the coach and client an opportunity to connect and see if they are a good fit for each other.

Selecting Your Life Coach

What you are ‘looking for’ in a coach will be a reflection of what you ‘seek’ from the relationship. Gaining clarity with self is a powerful precursor to coach shopping. A good place to start is practicing some self-inquiry: “Why do I want to work with a coach? What support do I specifically want to receive from a coaching relationship? What are my true desires, goals, and priorities? What is missing in my life? Where am I stuck? How am I holding myself back?” When we ask powerful questions, we set ourselves up for empowering responses. Cultivating internal clarity sets us up to win as we go forward in selecting the most relevant teammate for our current evolutionary chapter. When you bring clarity to the table, you are empowered to research and select the right coach for you, with confidence. It’s a nice balance of leading and being led, working together.

Goals & Personal Vision

One of the major functions of a Life Coach, is to identify and refine the client’s Goals and Personal Vision. It’s an exciting and empowering process to have a Coach by your side, as you gain clarity on how you want your life to look, and most importantly, feel. Whereas a traditional therapist/counselor may focus on historical traumas, stressors, and blockages, the Coach is most often oriented towards exploring fields of possibility and designing the future. Once we get clarity surrounding our goals, now is the time to move from theory to action. When I work with my clients, I hold a space of accountability for them. Each session, they flex their integrity by declaring commitments. These are opportunities to follow through on what they say they’re going to do, in the form of specific action steps on specific timelines. In my direct experience as a student of life and as a coach, specificity is a great ally on our path. When we leave things generalized and ambiguous, it’s easy to let ourselves off the hook. For our action steps, Small, Simple, and Specific is best. I call this the Triple S Manifestation Technique.

Unconditional Support, Unbiased Feedback, Powerful Insight

If you’re working with a quality coach, you can expect unconditional support, unbiased feedback, and powerful insight from your coaching experience. Of course, all of this is predicated upon your positive attitude and open-mindedness. Your coach’s role is to Be Present for you, unconditionally. His/her personal agenda takes a back seat and serving you takes center stage. As your coach, it’s my job to get out of my head and into my heart. This sets me up to offer unbiased feedback without hyper concern for my ego. It is our job to speak the Truth of what we See, from our insightful vantage points, with no personal agenda other than to support your well-being and growth. Oftentimes it’s affirming and celebratory, sometimes it’s confronting and uncomfortable. Ultimately, you are the flame and your coach is the wind. If you’re ready to get started, inquire within!