Who remembers those bracelets that said WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? The bracelet and the acronym were designed to have us put ourselves in Jesus’s shoes as a form of guidance. That got me thinking… we can actively practice that same thing in our own way, no matter our faith or what we identify with religiously/philosophically… but standing in that question of ‘What Would My Higher Self Do’ or ‘How Would My Higher Self Show Up?’ In today’s video we’re going to be breaking down the WWHSD, ‘What Would Higher Self Do’?

Connect To Your Higher Self

Powerful questions get powerful answers. Responses respond at the level of the inquiry. Low-quality questions get low-quality responses and low-quality reflections. High-level questions, high-quality, insightful, penetrating, relevant, worthwhile self-inquiry results in high-quality reflections, high-quality responses from deeper within. When you ask yourself a powerful question you can think of it like you’re knocking on the door of that deeper part of you, that Inner Intelligence that already Knows, your innermost Truth. That deeper part of who you are is stimulated when you stir the pot, when you ask the question, when you stimulate the field. You receive responses that are a reflection of the quality of your question. Thus when you sit in that question, ‘What Would Higher Self Do?’, that’s a powerful question. You’re establishing the standard of self-inquiry such that the response is going to be very fruitful.

In this case, think of your Higher Self perhaps as Jesus, a more enlightened version of yourself. What’s interesting is that each of us intuitively has a sense of what our Higher Self looks like, acts like, and perhaps most importantly, feels like. If you will, take a moment right now… (do this with me). Close your eyes for a moment and begin to feel into your own Higher Self. You can immediately start to experience those feelings, that energy. What comes up for you when you practice this? It’s interesting, each of us has this sense of the person that we’re becoming.

The Forks of Evolution

Some quantum physicists and many ancient Gurus propose that all of time (if you look at time linearly), all of time actually collapses down on itself into a singularity. Think of it like a vertical, upside-down cone. At the wide-mouth surface, you have the most linear, sequential experience/perception of time. As you move towards the subtle, time/space begins to collapse on itself. Moving towards the singularity, we reach the tip of the tip of the tip of the cosmic iceberg, arriving at the source of matter. This is the singular point that rose out of nothingness from which all form and phenomena come.

As we go about our lives, I’d like you to consider that you reach forks in your evolutionary road. You come to these impasses where you can clearly choose to repeat the known, you can default into what’s known, what’s familiar, what’s comfortable… Or there’s an invitation, an opportunity, to stretch beyond what is known and into the unknown. To leave who you’ve known yourself to be behind, to transcend your current self in service of the person that you could become. When you take an action, make a choice, or think a thought that is a reflection of the person you’re becoming… that’s transformation. We can choose, think, act, and speak from historical influences (from our past) or we can consciously design our future now.

What Would Higher (Future) Self Do?

The future is in the making in the present. One of the most powerful ways to accelerate our evolution is to close the gap between the person that we are and the person we sense we’re becoming. Interestingly, instead of it being this intellectual display/experience, it oftentimes comes intuitively. It’s usually in the direction of more courage, more love, more confidence, more awareness, and more responsibility. It doesn’t always have to be action-oriented; It could be more patience, more Beingness, more surrender and letting go. Nonetheless, what stimulates the knowledge from within you, is standing in that space of asking yourself WWHSD. It could be ‘What Would Higher Self Do?’ It could also be, ‘What Would Higher Self Be?’ Perhaps it’s a challenging moment. Perhaps you’re in your day-to-day and you begin to question the ways in which you’re spending your time on a daily basis. How would my Higher Self spend his or her morning? Stand in these powerful questions and see what comes up for you.

The Power of Daily Practice

Our daily practices are the foundation for the results we are committed to creating in our lives. What I’ve found to be really powerful and what I recommend, is for a few minutes each morning, you bask in the visioning and the feeling sensations of your Higher Self. Feel into what your Higher Self looks like, what he/she does, imagine certain interactions, imagine how you are with other people, imagine how you show up. FEEL into the experience so it isn’t restricted by the intellect. Make it visceral so you’re actually feeling into your own Higher Self. Feel that vibrational attitude, the emotional signature that’s emanating from your Higher Self, pinging back to you from the future right now. Your future self is reminding you and inspiring you to wake up and close the gap. “Pay more attention to me and less attention to who you’ve been.”

Our past is tempting. It wants us to pay attention to it. ‘What could have been, what should have been, how did I show up, what did they think of me…’ Focusing on all those things is so much less relevant than shifting our attention to the person we’re becoming. All of this imagining, envisioning into the future, feeling into the future, all of that is occurring right now, in this present moment. You’re literally activating the consciousness, the emotionality, the way of thinking of your future self.

Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention To

Where attention goes, Energy flows. As you start to guide your awareness, the flow of your consciousness (Soma), into connection with your future self, you begin to activate that reality. This practice accelerates your evolution and supports you in presently embodying what you’re destined to become. Have some fun with it and let me know how it goes for you. Take care of what you’re tending to. Be conscious of where you’re placing your attention. Magic will unfold for you. You are a creator, you were born a creator. You are free, you are capable, and you are oh so worthy! Namasté