Ayurveda: A Morning Routine

How we start our day is critical in setting the tone and flow of the day. A warming up period, when done effectively, is a game changer for the day that follows.    WAKE UP EARLY Ayurveda invites us to wake up before the sun and then proceed with ‘waking up’ as the sun rises. When our internal clock is aligned with nature’s clock, we receive the greatest support from our biological rhythms. Naturally, #1 begins

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If I believe I am defined by a thought, who/what was I before that thought arrived? And who/what am I after it leaves? Simple logic can be an overlooked aspect to recognizing Truth. In my experience, these thoughts are perpetually coming and going. Thoughts show up and disappear, constantly. Something that is not coming and going must be Present in order to recognize these coming and goings. Stillness recognizes motion. Silence recognizes sound. Consciousness recognizes

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Houston, We Have a Problem!

Most of us have a natural desire to support others, especially when our support is requested. When someone approaches you with a problem / concern / challenge / breakdown… their intention usually falls in one of three categories: #1.   They want to enroll you in their story of the problem (not interested in a solution). #2.   They simply want your listening and the space to process outward. #3.   They want your support /

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Personal Freedom —> Global Freedom

A free world is a collection of free individuals. Our duty to ourselves (and therefore our world), is to exercise freedom in our personal lives. What is freedom and how do we exercise it? Below I have listed the main criteria for my sense of personal freedom. I encourage you to explore your own. Being honest, vulnerable, and open. In personal freedom, I can afford transparency. The alternative is too costly. Speaking my Truth, irrespective

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A Healing Exercise

If you're not feeling well (and even if you are), this sequence of healing exercises will support you: 1. Make yourself yummy, non-caffeinated tea. Drink it consciously and slowly, without distraction. 2. Light some incense and/or candles in a dimly lit room. Find a comfortable, seated position with headphones and your phone. 3. Search YouTube for "Tibetan Singing Bowls" & select one that resonates with you. 4. Before playing the audio, close your eyes & be with yourself for

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An Evening Routine

WIND DOWN SLOWLY Just as we wake with the sun, it’s ideal to wind down as the sun is setting. This isn’t always practical in our nocturnal society, but it’s good to be mindful of in the hours before bedtime. Winding down is the ideal transition to restful sleep. 2.  SAY GOODNIGHT TO YOUR SCREENS Turning off the TV and putting away the phone creates a graceful buffer between activity and sleep. Screens are stimulating;

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Cosmic Downloads

Universal Intelligence or Source Energy, communicates to the human in very simple terms. If it feels good, it is in alignment and Supported. If it feels bad, it is out of alignment and supported relatively less. This applies to your thoughts, your emotions, your body, your perspectives, your beliefs, your relationships, your choices, and the effects of your actions. Everything we 'put out' reflects back as a feeling. The more you pay attention to how

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The Freshness of Now

You know what's really cool? Every moment is the potential for a fresh start, a new beginning. The moment that is arriving now, has literally never been experienced before. Until now. The key to embracing the freshness of NOW lies in noticing where our attention is. When we become aware of our attention, we are rendered present. When we indulge in past content or future content, the reality of this freshness is clouded; Never absent, simply

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Blooming (A Poem)

Carrying the basket of Abundance Through a field of Possibility Abundance itself, laying in the grass of Opportunity Our innate richness comes not from what we have but from our potential to create anything we desire We say Yes to a Dance with Potential Opening our Eyes, Stretching, and Trusting We Smell the Fragrance of Greatness ~Actualized & Blooming~   All original material copyright © 2016 Matthew Spangler Contact The Meditation Effect  

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Identity Beliefs

An identity belief is a self-referential idea about ‘Who I Am.’ Think of a belief as energy vibrating at a particular frequency. D, G, F sharp, C minor, etc. The beliefs I energize (identify with) are the frequencies I emit into the world. Thoughts, emotions, circumstances, and results that vibrate at a similar frequency, will be reflected back to me as my experience. If I believe I am worthless, incapable, and inferior... experiences that resonate

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