BREATHWORK ūüí® ‚ÄĘ Breathwork is an incredible experience. It‚Äôs a practice whereby the benefits exponentially increase + integrate over time, just like Meditation. ‚ÄĘ Breathwork releases stress from the body and cultivates orderliness in the nervous system. It generates space in the body, which generates space in the mind. This expands consciousness. I‚Äôve experienced a flood of beautiful ideas, intuitions, and new perspectives both during and after my practice. Breathwork uproots and neutralizes trauma that

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Restoring Our Original Name

Greetings Folks, After temporary deliberation we feel that sticking to our original brand name, 'The Meditation Effect', is what best represents who we are and the services we offer. Our website domain will continue to be, as it has been since Day 1. We are working diligently to ensure our social media accounts accurately represent our brand name. Warm Regards, Matthew Spangler Founder - The Meditation Effect

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The Strategy of Ignoring

          Pretending we're unaware of something is a clever tactic the mind uses to avoid vulnerability, to avoid stretching ourselves in a new direction, and to delay necessary action. There is a payoff to our pretense: If we don't know, we can continue to play small and play it safe; we can repeat the past and we don't have to change. Are there things we are genuinely unaware of? Of course. Most things.

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Our Most Intimate Obstacle: Freedom From The Story Within

Our story and its audience… The human mind is a story-telling machine. We are the audience to our very own live-stream monologue of ideas, judgments, and evaluations. These interpretations collect, quickly orchestrating themselves into a symphony of beliefs, both obvious and subtle. Identifying with particular beliefs is what shapes our subjective experience of life, moment to moment. The headliner, the story that deserves the most attention (and quite possibly the biggest revision), is the story

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Calendar Cake

When it comes to creating a daily schedule, have your cake and eat it too. GROWING UP, I've been relatively resistant to TO-DO lists and creating structure in my day. Some of this resistance had been 'sourced' in feeling over-protected as a child, so I left my days unstructured and spontaneous as an act of rebellion.  Some of it had to do with laziness and the momentum that stagnation can bring. Nonetheless, this pattern was ultimately one

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NOTICE that when we don't fully learn a lesson, the lesson appears again. Perhaps in a new form/circumstance/person. Perhaps the same blatant situation on repeat mode. Nonetheless, it tends to appear again and again. A lesson can be defined as an experience that contains an opportunity for growth through heightened self-awareness. An example from my own life: I often have morning appointments. When I don't give myself ample time for my morning routine,  I enter the appointment

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Relationship Reflections

      Relationships are at the heart of the human experience. The quality of our relationships are crucial to the quality of our lives. It is commonplace to perceive those around us as separate. They have their own bodies, their own thoughts, their own history, their own struggles, and their respective circumstances. That being said, what if how we experienced others had a lot more to do with us than we thought? What if how

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Feeling Good

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Modern day resources and technology make self-help knowledge abundantly available. Jump on Google and submit a search. Amidst the vast availability of spiritual/self-help knowledge, the cultivation of happiness and productivity seem to boil down to one simple thing: feeling good. Feeling good takes precedence over ‚Äėwhat I know.'¬†Imagine the days when you feel good. Happiness radiates without effort, the day has a flow to it, and things get

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Suffering: A Guru

       As we are well aware, being human includes the experience of suffering.  Suffering shows up in all shapes and sizes, in a multitude of circumstances. We can experience suffering in our relationships, our finances, our career, our emotional baggage, and our mental health. The qualities of suffering are obvious: we feel heavy, stagnate, stuck, sad, uninspired, and perhaps angry. These negative emotional states (especially when dwelled upon) can disguise a valuable opportunity; The opportunity

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Ayurveda: A Morning Routine

How we start our day is critical in setting the tone and flow of the day. A warming up period, when done effectively, is a game changer for the day that follows. ¬† ¬†WAKE UP EARLY Ayurveda¬†invites us to wake up before the sun and then proceed with ‚Äėwaking up‚Äô as the sun rises. When our internal clock is aligned with nature‚Äôs clock, we receive the greatest support from our biological rhythms. Naturally, #1 begins

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