Transform Speculation Into Presence

The Vedas teach, 'Speculation is the root of all misery!' In this video, we are going to focus on how to transform speculation into Presence. Notice the habitual tendency to speculate upon future events, to swim in the stories we create about "what 'others' are thinking". The mind games we play tend to be far more dramatic than the actual experiences as they occur. Have you noticed? Energy Flows Where Attention Goes Energy flows where

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Name Your Inner Critic

Most of us humans live with an inner critic/thematic self-limiting voice. This is the conditioned echo of the past that keeps us stuck and playing small in the Present. Personify Your Self-Limiting Voice Start to Notice & Name the main one(s) that show up for you thematically. I tend to ‘overthink’ so I name mine ‘Overthinking Ollie’. The practice goes: When I recognize Ollie is in my conscious space, I embrace him with Awareness, then

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Evolution Is Every Step

Try on the perspective that evolution is always occurring. Forward progress is a constant in this human life. Just like when we're hiking up a mountain if we take individual snapshots of certain legs or parts of our journey it may appear as if we're moving away from the destination sometimes we may be going downhill but each unique leg is in service of the evolution from point a to point b. Life is just

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What’s On My Plate? Life Inventory Feast

I hope you brought your appetite because in today's video we're going to be feasting on a powerful life inventory practice: 'What's On My Plate?' As creatures of habit and conditioning, it's easy to fall into the trap of committing to things we're not truly aligned with. We keep eating (investing time, energy, and attention into) certain foods because that's what's known, comfortable, and presumably 'safe'. Our life's dietary patterns gain momentum and ultimately, we

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Overthinking – 5 Mindful Responses

Let's explore 5 Mindful Responses to our beautiful, overthinking minds. Consider: a thought is designed for action. A thought is like a seed or an acorn whose inherent function is to bloom into fuller expression. Thought is the foundation for action. So when we say we're 'overthinking', essentially what we're saying is, 'I'm thinking irrelevant thoughts'. I'm thinking thoughts that do not translate into progressive action. Remember, nature is perpetually evolving. The theme of change

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The 5 Steps Of Accountability

Today we're going to be breaking down the five steps of successful accountability! There's actually a method or structure that you can implement to hold yourself accountable and set yourself up to win. We're gonna do this in five, easy, awesome steps! 1. Accountability Buddy & Teamwork The first (and perhaps most important) step here is to acquire a teammate or a team a group of people   that are all on the same page

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Give What You Want To Receive

When you give away something of value (think about this non-materially): love, courage, connection…When you give away something of intrinsic value, you find that you only end up with more. In fact, it multiplies! Who is it multiplying for? Well, for both parties, giver and receiver. If I generate love, if I give love, if I express love, and I send that to you… I myself am having a personal experience of love. I am

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Integrity | Flex It Like A Muscle

 Just like we're flexing muscles when we run, we’re also flexing our Integrity when we follow through on what we say we're gonna do. Every time you get clear on what you’re committed to… You declare it and you follow through… that's you flexing your muscle of integrity. It's an important step to first get this clarity. Boil it down to what you’re committed to, trim away the fat. So often ‘what we're up

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Power Poses 2021 | Lead With Your Body

2021: I know it’s just an ‘idea’, but I invite you to think of it as the next chapter of your life. How can we live more deeply grounded in our Heart Space and less from our heads this year? How can we drop into our bodies and live from the visceral grounded-ness of our temple, our first home? Less from regret, speculation, conjecture, and manipulation. Can we ground into the intelligence contained within the

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Connect To Your Future Self

Who remembers those bracelets that said WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? The bracelet and the acronym were designed to have us put ourselves in Jesus's shoes as a form of guidance. That got me thinking... we can actively practice that same thing in our own way, no matter our faith or what we identify with religiously/philosophically... but standing in that question of 'What Would My Higher Self Do' or 'How Would My Higher Self Show

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